It's not about the problems we face, it's about how we show up to meet them. The journey we take through life is more significant than the destination, and each of us must discover our own path forward.

To me, a meaningful journey into the future entails curiosity, a recognition of interconnection, an exploration of values, humility when confronted with overwhelming complexities, and most important a sense of wonder, awe, and reverence for the gifts that life bestows.

Throughout my life I've been inspired to stretch beyond myself to understand my place in the world, and this focus on intentional living has introduced me to thoughtful people, interesting ideas, and fresh perspectives. Ultimately, I believe that sharing ideas, stories, insights, and failures help us grow as human beings; and my hope is that something I share here will resonate with you and improve your life in some way.


This website is much like our world; always changing. I seek out new forms to fit emerging functions. Working in beta means always innovating. 

My focus is to ask what's necessary to move towards a better future, and given the complexity of such a systemic endeavour, the content here will appear chaotically organized, but connected around important themes. At its core, my work is about opening up the door to big conversations through curiosity, humility, and discovery. Change is an inherent truth of our lives, so I want to embrace that with an open mind and open heart. With the right cultural foundations, we can form deliberate practices that help us challenge pre-existing narratives and norms, and discover new ways of being. This is about being present, thoughtful, adaptive and creative. 


About the author

For Kevan, a life once defined by existential despair and its harmful impacts has evolved into a celebration of peace, love, connection, and hope. Guided by a philosopher’s heart, he seeks to understand systems of relationship and his place within them. An ongoing journey of discovery has led him to a pantheistic and humanistic practice comprised of an appreciation for the vast web of interdependence that underlies life, and the transformative power of wholehearted optimism and gratitude. His explorations have taken him deep into the territories of environmental sustainability, social innovation, and personal leadership; areas of change that inspire a hope within him of a better future.

Recognizing the diverse gifts that everyone has to contribute to a healthier world, Kevan creates opportunities for people to come together, engage in meaningful conversations, and realize their potential to flourish. His work days are spent empowering and supporting a community of student innovators at the University of Calgary, and away from the office you can find him making radio waves with CJSW, embodying feeling on a dance floor, or adventuring into natural landscapes. The fundamental belief that is expressed through all of his breaths is that a life deeply explored holds the promise of a life well lived.

Kevan graduated with a BComm and a BA in Development Studies from the University of Calgary, and plans to continue developing his leadership capacity through a community-based Master’s program in the near future. However, his education expands far beyond the walls of the classroom. An enthusiastic learner, he looks to podcasts, writing, travel, nature, music, and meditation to provide deep insights about the world that exists both inside and outside of himself. His defining hope is that the inner peace he cultivates within will translate into greater peace for the world beyond.