A big thank you to all of the good people in the world who stop to help out those in need on the side of the road. Today I realized just how awesome and important you are. 

Early this morning Dan and I headed out to Lake Louise to catch some fresh pow on our boards, and we had ourselves a wicked time. We shredded the mountain hard. The mountain was the busiest I've ever seen, and the snow was a bit icy in the afternoon, but overall it was a great experience. I wish I could say the same about the drive back home...

As we cruised back to Calgary in Dan's Rav4, we hit a slick of black ice just a little ways outside of Lake Louise and immediately started drifting on the highway 1, in busy traffic, doing about 100km/hour. This was fucking terrifying. I can barely remember any of it because my mind went into total shock. I generally remember the SUV swerving across back and forth across the whole highway, me telling Dan "you've got this", and us hitting the snowbank with Dan yelling "please don't roll, please don't roll."

And thank the light that we didn't. 

I'm surprised we walked away unscathed; my neck's a bit sore, but otherwise we're good. It would have been so easy to have gotten tboned by another vehicle losing control on the same stretch of the highway, or hitting that ditch and flipping side over side and being crumpled. Instead we did a full 180 and ended up running into this huge snow bank in the ditch completely in reverse which saved us from any major damage. I'm so thankful for my life right now.

So we weren't injured or dead, which was great, but we were still stuck in a few feet of snow in a ditch...and I was not loving it. My health was giving me problems today, and I was so looking forward to getting home. But now we had an ordeal on our hands. Luckily, this amazing guy and his girlfriend in a blue Tacoma stopped to see if we were okay, and to ask if they could help us in anyway. Honestly, just this show of humanity warmed my heart; I was so thankful for the offer of support after that scary incident. And also to hear about the big white explosion we created when we hit the ditch (which made the story feel a bit more badass).

Within a few minutes we had called ourselves a tow truck, and began digging ourselves out with a shovel in preparation for its arrival. There was so much snow to dig, and honestly I didn't have faith that we were getting out of there anytime soon. This is when car 2 shows up, a white Jetta carrying 3 young adults. When they arrived my first thought was again, thank you, but second to that I wondered how in the world they thought they could help. Well, the companionship was nice, but an added bonus was this red plastic sled that they had brought with them, which conveniently doubled as a super-shovel quite well! 

It was kinda sketchy to be hanging out in the open on the side of the highway with traffic continuing to wiz by us as we dug. Seriously, if it's icy and you see cars off to the side, slow the fuck down. Luckily it didn't take us long to carve out a path for the SUV to get back onto the highway, and Dan was feeling confident we could make it out. He hopped in the RAV4 and gunned it, making it almost all of the way there, or at least close enough for our friend in the Tundra to pull us out the last little bit. As soon as I saw the RAV4 back on the road I was so excited, we were going to get out of here!....

See those dots? This isn't the end of the story.

About 10 seconds after we had completed our task, I was walking over to thank the 3 Jetta visitors when I saw a red SUV begin barreling towards them totally out of control. Immediately I realized that this was going to be bad, and began yelling at them to get out of the way. They were like deer caught in the headlights, and so was I. I didn't know where I should run to to get out of the way. The SUV ended up smacking the parked Jetta in the back, and careened forward past me. Once again, fucking terrifying. And I couldn't believe it...we were so close to being home free, and now these awesome people who had stopped to help us had had their day ruined. Such a bummer. Luckily everyone was okay, again, and the police quickly arrived to close off lane and make the road a little safer for us to be on. But I have to give a big shout out to the champion in the blue Tundra who not only pulled us out with his truck, but also began directing traffic immediately after the accident. He went out into the middle of the right lane, and waved people over...like holy shit. After all he had just seen happen, and he still was willing to risk his safety for ours. 

The reason I've written this post is because our day would have had a terrible ending if it weren't for these selfless folks who saw us in distress and stopped to help. To have lived through a near death experience like that, I could not have been more thankful to have them there. And it sucks really bad that the Jetta got wrecked, but the guy who owned it was still kind despite that, and for that he too is a champion in my book. All of these humans went out of their way to do something nice and inconvenient for complete strangers, and that to me is the best of what humanity has to offer.