Building Change with Brandon Boyd

Brandon Boyd has been one of my closest friends for the past several years. He has worked tirelessly towards a career in humanitarian relief, and his dedication towards aiding those in the greatest need continues to be a source of inspiration in my life. On the cusp of a completed internship with ACTED, and seeing a job with Doctors Without Borders on the horizon, this was the perfect time to talk to Brandon about his life. The conversations I share with him are often the ones that help me grow most as a person, and I thought I'd be valuable to capture his spirit in podcast form and share it with the world at large. 

Within this conversation you will discover the essence of a new side-project under Flourish called Building Change. These intimate conversations will feature the thoughts and feelings of changemakers who are actively working to make the world a better place in a way that is true to their spirit.

Sense of Place

The world offers us a vast array of choices to spend our time. How do you like to spend yours? Where do you turn to for excitement? Is it different when you're looking to reflect? What leads us to go to different places to fulfill our diverse set of needs? 

In this episode you'll hear from Richard White, a blogger at, as well as Beverly Sandalack, a practitioner and professor of environmental design that leads research projects at the Urban Lab. What follows is a conversation about the shape of the world around us, and the ways that we move throughout it. Ultimately we ask this: what connections do you value most in your life? 

Business of Change

This isn't business as usual. What began as public awareness about the harms created by business has transformed into a call for action for businesses to become more sustainable. In this episode you'll hear from two leading social entrepreneurs who are responding to that call, Houston and Rosalynn Peschl. Together they are looking to catalyze change across the business world with their new venture, Creating Eudomonia, a consulting firm that works closely with small and medium enterprises to help them discover how to be more competitive and profitable by creating positive environmental and social impacts. 

Featuring music by Blackmill