One of the best radio documentaries I've heard recently. -What does it mean to be happy? IS it the same as being satisfied? Fulfilled? The value of a life of virtue, a life of purpose. Periods of unhappiness are unavoidable, but how does one make those times the best possible?

Positive psychology - what makes a life worth living, what are the strategies to make it happen The more you worry about your happiness, the less happiness you are. Wadding in doubt, not feeling okay with what is in the moment. Defining happiness to narrowly can create too many questions, whereas perhaps happiness is an instinct, what feels good. If you work towards that, you embrace everything that happiness embraces, and you stay true to yourself. Making things better, and being happy, aren't the same thing, unless you decide them to be. To change the world, you have to be somewhat dissatisfied. It's what drives you to act. Happiness itself doesn't propel us forward. There are shallow pursuits, and there are deep pursuit, and both can bring happiness. Freedom to choose is happiness, because you can create a reason to live. If happiness is given to you on a plater, than what is left to strive for?