We are all actors playing a role in the world around us. Humanity is a dynamic and complex organism that is learning, evolving, and growing - and each of us contribute to the direction of its future. We are a part of society at every level - from our planet, to our home city, to our local community - and we have influence at each step. We are much like individual cells in a human body, but what sets us apart is that we can choose what role we will play in the well being of the systems we inhabit. We have a gift to create, and with great power comes great responsibility.  

From the classroom, to the office, to the living room - we all have the ability to leave a lasting impact on the people we connect with if we make the conscious decision to care about how we show up. We can breathe life into the spaces we inhabit. We can believe in a better today. 

That's how ideas spread, that's how lives are saved, that's how change happens.