At first glance, many may think about entrepreneurial programming as a means of teaching people to create businesses and accumulate wealth. Some connections have shared concerns that we are propagating a culture of rampant individualism and inequality. To me, there is a much broader way of understanding why our team is on a mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurial thinking both on campus and across Calgary.

The 21st century has so far been defined by social, economic and environmental challenges associated with technological disruption, urbanization, and globalization. To participate in a meaningful way during fast paced change, citizens will need to become agile learners, empathetic thinkers, comfortable with failure, and deeply resilient. To help bridge the gap between today's 20th century educational system, and what students will need for their future, we have taken active steps to build the capacity of young people by equipping them with skills and approaches that will empower them create meaningful change in our 21st century world.

Learning how to understand the pain of others, tapping into creative potential, and learning how to share transformative ideas with others are all important abilities that well-meaning changemakers need to make a positive difference around the world. Whether you're tackling water shortages as a member of an international NGO, or building a local BCorp to supply organic compost here at home, by developing the entrepreneurial traits above you improve your chances of creating solutions that are well-informed, impactful, sustainable and adaptable.

It's super exciting to work alongside visionaries like Houston to build the capacity of young people as changemakers. It hasn't always been a smooth ride to get to where we are now, but it sure has been eye opening and full of purpose.