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"No one can cut you off if you let them in"; a worthwhile thought to consider the next time you find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic. This idea comes to us from Frank O'Dea, co-founder of Second Cup Coffee Co., who shared a number of insightful reflections about mental health at an intimate breakfast conversation hosted by CCAL and the Hunter Centre last week. He went on to ask our group of student leaders and entrepreneurs in attendance to consider, "what's wrong with my soul if I feel like I need to lash out in anger?” 

What resonated most with me from Frank’s visit that morning was his focus on embracing responsibility for our own well-being, and challenging the unhealthy narratives that shape our perspectives. As we go through life, we encounter a number of challenging situations. We know in our guts when something doesn’t feel right, it’s a visceral experience. That feeling we get exists to get our attention and help us reflect on the cause of the discomfort. We can either take action to alleviate the feeling, or we can ignore it and deal with the consequences.

So, the next time you find yourself yelling in your car at someone who cut you off, ask yourself, why are you letting this person spoil your mood? As Frank says, how you live your life is your choice. Everyone decides for themselves when they’re ready to change their outlook.