Tonight I had the opportunity to stop by the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory for their open house. I almost didn’t go, a result of a no-man attitude. But after some thought, I decided to go for it.

I’m really happy I did. I got the chance to look through a multitude of telescopes, the biggest one being 1.8m in diameter, which by the way is the 3rd largest in Canada! I saw Saturn, a couple of galaxys, and a close up shot of the moon. Very cool. I also listened to a lecture on quark novas, a new stage of star evolution which is currently being tested. The speaker was great, and he put together a really good presentation. Props Nico Kroning.

I actually got emotional for a short time, because as a kid it was my dream to be an astronomer. I love the stars; they’ve always called out to me. Now as an adult, I had the oppurtunity to see what that profession may entail, and it felt very nostalgic and somewhat sad to be reminded of that old dream of mine. BUT I had a huge smile on my face from ear to ear the whole night. It was so cool that I couldn’t help but be giddy.

On the drive home I was reminded of a birthday long past where I received a telescope as a present. At the time I was extremely upset at my parents for not getting me video games, and the telescope sat unused in my basement for years. I wish that I had seen the value in that gift when I had the chance, and realized how much my parents loved and cared enough for me to buy me something that could actually turn my dream into a reality. Thanks Dad and Mom. I’m sorry for being a spoiled brat when I was younger. I love you both very much.

All and all it was a great night. Stars are awesome, the drive through Black Diamond/Turner Valley is beautiful, and I got to meet some really cool people.

Cheers, Kevan