One thing that I am continually searching for in my life is a deep spiritual connection with another person. This connection that I speak of is actually very simplistic, but generally difficult to come across. It’s that feeling you get when you’re with someone who just gets you. It’s that feeling of being completely at peace while making yourself vulnerable to that other person. It’s being happy in every moment you spend together, and sharing something unexplainable to anyone else that touches the core of your soul.

Last night my buddy Matt and I met up with a bunch of AIESEC’ers at Bamboo for their reggae night. Unfortunately we showed up a bit late, so within the hour it was down to Matt, Howie, Frank, Adriana and myself. Matt was looking to find some girls to hook up with, but he didn’t see many at Bamboo that he liked. I think it’s a great place for girls though. Everyone who dances to Reggae is generally pretty chill, and there were a couple cuties there. But I wasn’t really there for the girls, I just wanted to hang out with my friends.

Anyways, after a couple beers I decided to join Frank and Adriana on the dance floor. When I talk about true connection, these two people really have it. You can see it when they’re together. The energy they put off is so positive, and you can tell how much they love each other. They have something that you don’t see everyday, and it’s something truly beautiful that they share. I hope to have that kind of connection again someday. Anyways, on the dance floor Matt’s looking to chat up some girls, but my personal experience has taught me that if we just groove to the toons and have a good time then they will come to us. I end up getting deep into the rhythm of the music and I’m having a great time dancing with my friends. As I’m dancing I look over to see a girl that I think is pretty cute dancing with her friend. I can tell that she’s scoping me out too. She walks by a couple of minutes later and shoots me a smile with a little lip nibble. Very cute. So on the way back I give her a little hip bump and she shoots me another smile. It’s on. So I approach her, take her by the hand, and we start dancing.

Now normally I don’t really look to meet girls at bars, it’s just not really my thing, but this girl had a vibe about her that I was really digging. After a couple songs I did try to go in for a kiss, and I got shut down. I guess she’s just not that kind of girl. That’s cool with me. We end up dancing for a couple more songs before I excuse myself to hang out with Matt, Adriana and Frank again. A couple songs later and I’m back dancing with this girl. We try talking a bit but I suck at talking in bars. My terrible hearing doesn’t work well in loud areas like that. So I excuse myself again, creating a small game of chase between me and her. I see her at the bar a bit later standing by herself,so I go up and start chatting her up. She turned out to be a super nice girl, and very beautiful. Maybe it was the aura that she was putting out but I felt a little stir inside me. I find out she’s from Montreal and we talked french a bit together. It was turning out to be a decent connection and I was having a great time.

Now at one point we just stop talking and hug. For like 30 seconds. It was amazing. She laid her head on my shoulder, we cuddled up, and it felt so nice. It was probably the best hug I’ve had in a very long time. It was one of those moments where you truly feel connected to another persons soul. I was pretty surprised that I was having this kind of moment at a bar, but I was happy nonetheless. We end up talking a bit more, and then guess what we did next? We hugged again! And it was just as good, if not better than the first one. Wow. This is how I want my relationships to feel, full of compassion and connection.

I wonder if I’ll see her again. Who knows what the universe has in store for me. Maybe she was there to simply remind me of what I’m looking for in a girlfriend. Regardless, it was a nice night, and I feel invigorated today. All the best moments in life seem to have that affect.

Wishing you all the best, Kevan