Or so it may seem. It’s similar in the sense that traffic is lacking today, as it had been all winter, but something has changed. Morale is up and we are ready to rock! I’m happy to welcome back Mr. Warren Blair to Mattress Mattress 18! He was my manager up at the north store, and he’s been moved back down to the south in order to change things up. He’s a seasoned veteran in the mattress biz, and he’s an awesome guy to work with. He exudes positivity and confidence, which gets everyone he’s working with in a positive mindset. And some days you really need that. It’s not easy being a salesman. You have to adapt yourself to different personalities on a daily basis, and you have to know how to put on a genuine smile and brush off whatever crap has been weighing you down whenever a customer comes in the door. This can be way harder to do than it sounds, because some people walk in looking completely miserable. Imagine having to walk up to someone who looks like they want to chew your head off, and then you have to start a conversation with said person. Awesome, right? Some days I love the challenge, but other days I feel like I’d rather not even bother. But I get it, I understand why people come in feeling miserable. Shopping for mattresses can suck big time. Its hard to make that investment when you don’t know what to look for, and it sucks extra hard when you have to deal with a pushy salesman. But what I love about my job is that I work for a company that does things differently. We treat our customers like our friends. We take the time to talk to them in order to find out their situation and what they are looking for. We educate them on different bed attributes and then we find the right mattress for them. And while they try out beds we have the chance to get to know each other better and remind one another that we are all human beings just trying to get by in the world. One thing that a customer once wrote in an email they sent to head office about me was that I helped them purchase a bed, instead of trying to sell them one. It feels good to know that people appreciate the work I put in, because I really do go into each sale with the mindset that I just want to help. But as much as I love the company and my job, it can be really stressful at times. My sales go in swings, and the downswing is really tough. Luckily for me, I work with two people who are a lot of fun, and we all help to pick each other up when times are tough. This is why I’m happy to have Warren back. He makes work a lot more enjoyable when things aren’t looking so good. This one goes out to the people that keep us going when times are tough! Kevan