I just finished watching this weeks surprisingly dark South Park episode and it has left me in a state of shock. This episode was about coming of age, and how people change over time as they see the world with new eyes. This episode focuses on changes that occur within Stan’s perception of reality after his 10th birthday. He begins to see the world as one steaming pile of shit (Literally). Music sounds like shit, movies are shitty, and food taste like shit as well. Basically he’s taken on a new level of cynicism that ends up pushing his friends away, and leaving him alone hating the world. And to top it off Stan’s world is made even worse when the episode ends with a very melancholy twist that I would never have expected. Overall, Stan’s life has gone to shit. ( Oh how punny!) I couldn’t help but relate to Stan throughout this entire episode; having gone through a similar transition myself years ago. I remember when my oldest and dearest friends started drifting apart from me couple of years ago due to my crappy attitude, and looking back I can say that I don’t blame them at all. During this period of my life I was living with a lot of resentment towards people and life in general. I started seeing all the bullshit behind everyday life and I hated it all. And I couldn’t stop myself from voicing my opinions once I began seeing the darker side of life, and as a result I ended up pushing people away. And I get it now. No one wants to be around a pessimistic asshole all the time, it’s a downer. Yet at the same time I couldn’t help but voice my discontent because I saw many of the worlds problems as a result of human ignorance. And in reality I still believe that many people choose to be ignorant, but now I feel as though I better understand why. A life of cynicism can lead to unhappiness, and you can’t blame anyone for wanting to live the ONE life they have in blissful ignorance. On a positive note, in the last year or two I’ve begun to better adapt to my cynicism. I do my best to expose my perception to more positivity in order to create a healthier balance of light and dark. I’ve learned that I have to reshape the way I approach issues when addressing negatives so that I don’t let negativity overshadow the underlying message I have. I’ve also learnt that sometimes it’s better to simply withhold my opinions from the public sphere because they may be too extreme for regular audiences. And to top it all off, I keep finding things to love and be hopeful about, and that’s what will keep me going when times are tough. Cheers, Kevan