I just finished watching the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham over the validity of creationism, and I found the whole discussion quite banal. I approached it with an open mind, willing to hear both sides, and unfortunately was unimpressed.

On one side you have Bill Nye pushing the importance of science, a good thing, but not really approaching the discussion seriously. Sure, he addressed some of Ken Ham's points, but others he kinda skipped over and used them to plug his ideas. Not a bad strategy if you're sole interest is to help young earth creationists reconsider their belief system, but bad if you want to encourage some kind of middle ground between the silliness of young earth creationism, and the unwavering conviction of science. What was lacking was collaboration, an exploration of what we don't know. Let me explain more.

So here's my problem. I was once a pretty outspoken atheist. The universe seemed pretty clear, with predefined natural laws and so forth. But then a few things changed. I started to hear about collective consciousness, or the idea of one universal consciousness constructed by all the individual experiences that we as humans have. This kind of fit it with a few different tests with random number generators, remote imaging, and shared discoveries. I began thinking of something I termed "the ideasphere", a non material realm of reality where ideas exist independently of matter and universal fabric. It would be similar to the idea of collective consciousness, essentially asking the right question will yield an answer that already exists. Like quantum mechanics, this gets a bit hard to visualize. Think of Albert Einstein coming up with the theory of relativity in a dream. He had set himself on the mission to reconcile .....(natural laws?) and one day dreamt of the theory of relativity. Where did the idea come from? Can an idea come from no where? What does an idea even look like? If your answer is a series of electrical signals, you're speaking to the medium not the composition. Information can be copied, or put into a form, but the information itself is non-material. Think of information as code, and the universe is a system that has all the code stored. We as lower level creators, can access the underlying code and write programs (or explanations of how the universe works), but we cant actually create new information (think of the law of conservation, and change out energy for information). Everything is a remix of what already exists. This is easy to see in universally created natural laws, but I think it also goes for non material consciousness. God is often thought of as a personality, but in a podcast I listened to God is described as All. So part of God would be the collective consciousness of living beings and the ideas that are part of it, some would be matter and natural laws. So you can have creation, and science co exist.