I watched some videos of the Vancouver riots today and I now have a deep gutted feeling in my stomach. It disgusts me to see so many people spread violence and fear over such a silly thing like losing the Stanley Cup. It’s not like they were playing in the game themselves. I feel like a lot of people were just waiting for that oppurtunity to rebel and express the anger and frustration they have inside. My guess would be that this has nothing to do about hockey at all, but more so because people are simply unhappy. My friend Joel put it really well, “We’ll riot over a sport but when it come to political oppression and injustice great enough to set off thousands of people we just make angry Facebook statuses… Like this one!” I guess I’m just shocked as to much destruction a group can cause. You inject alcohol into the mix, and people turn into animals if provoked by the right catalyst. I guess I had bigger hopes for Vancouver because it feels like a second home to me. It’s one of the places I hoped to live after finishing my second degree in Calgary. I saw it as a peaceful, beautiful and loving city, but now seeing all these idiots create destruction for no good reason makes me second guess my initial feelings.

Signing off with a sigh,