Take a second to think about this…imagine all of the people you have connected with at some point in your life. Who did you share a class or sports team with? How many people did you talk to throughout your various jobs? How many people have you just randomly met? You can't really think of them all right? There are just too many people, too many connections. Now that you have thought of all those people, now think about all those people in proportion to the whole world's population! It doesn't even come close! There are so many people existing today that you will never interact with, whose existence you will never understand due to the distance you have from them. When you think about all those people you will never know, and then those people you have known but have left for some reason or another, isn't it a miracle when you develop a lasting bond with those who you love? True love, true understanding, is not a fleeting moment, but something that stays in your heart, always.