Today was a great day, one which provided the opportunity to support the development of CJSW.

A few weeks back, my friend Kai Sinclair, the news director at the station, asked me to come in for an interview during our funding drive. I had no idea what it would entail, but I decided to go for it. I figured it would be cool to go on air and share my love of CJSW live! So I went in at 11am today, and sat down with Kai and two other spoken word programmers to talk about spoken word on CJSW, and how it is made possible by our lovely listeners' funding drive pledges. Throughout the hour we talked about a lot of topics related to the station, and it really cemented my love for this great community focused institution. When asked about how CJSW has helped me, it reminded me of the gift I have received to explore my creative passions and share my hope for the world in a public forum. It adds to my sense of purpose and fulfillment, and brings joy into my life. Hearing the stories of the other panelists also made me realize that CJSW impacts a ton of people in really great ways. It connects the community around the arts and ideas; it enables the dreams of programmers who wish to share a part of their soul with the world; and it gives Calgarians a place to go on the radio dial that is diverse in its music and perspectives. All of our content is produced by Calgarians, for Calgarians, meaning that it is focused on promoting our local culture and development. It's really a hidden gem that has a huge impact on our city, and on me.

One of the primary goals of this funding drive is to raise enough money to develop podcasting capabilities into our web platform. This is super important, as podcasting each show not only makes the content that much more accessible, but it amplifies all of the benefits I stated above. Podcasting could make this little station that could that much bigger, resulting in larger and larger impacts on individuals, on the community, and on society as a whole. This is worth supporting! I've come to love CJSW, and my hope is for others to discover how it can add meaning and enjoyment to their lives as well.

Please help the station accomplish its goals by supporting it this funding drive. You can do so by heading to (added bonus of being able to check out all the sweet incentives that you get for pledging), or listen in and pledge to your favourite show by calling (403) 220-5000. One of the many enthusiastic volunteers will be happy to take your call. Thank you for your support!