One thing that has been interesting to adapt to is the food in Sandema. The availability of veggies and fruits are limited, so most meals revolve around some combination of rice, beans and soup. There are a few other options like egg sandwiches and indomie noodles that add variety as well. The nice thing is that it;s all fairly inexpensive, so it gives us a chance to try a range of local foods and creative home cooking. Let me take you through a day of spending here. I wake up and make myself a delicious egg sandwich. 50 cents for breads, 40 cents for two eggs, and a bit more for condiments like margarine and ketchup. Later after work I head for lunch with friends. If I want to keep it low cost I'll pay 50 cents for a plate of rice with cabbage and a spicy sauce...delicious! If I want to eat a bit better I can head to my favourite spot Conifah, and eat some jollof rice paired with coleslaw and guinea fowl. This runs me about $2.50 unless I want to throw some 700ml beers on top at the cost of $1.25 per beer. Most days its so hot that I like to stop by Good Family, our main store, to grab a sprite and a vanilla Fan Ice. This runs me 85 cents for the two. Seriously Fan Ice is the highlight of my day! Later on I may eat again in town, or sometimes we make food at home. Cooking at home can be a good option if you want to add some veggies or fruits into your diet.