Its day 5 in Ghana, and day 2 in Sandema! We arrived yesterday evening aftera mix up in our bus ride that saw us having to get a room in nearby Bolgatanga at 2:30am. We crammed 4 people into one small room to hang out for 4 hours, and managed to get a small nap in. We then got all of our stuff together and headed out to the bus station. The bus station was certainly interesting,. We had tons of people paying attention to us and trying to help us to move our bags. This goodwill is not free however, and everyone tried asking for money once we gave some to some younger boys, who had then proceeded to run to the store to buy some kind of food. I like to think they went to buy some Fanice, which is this vanilla-esque ice cream that comes in plastic….just like everything else here. It’s really amazing to see how much plastic is used, especially since it all ends up bring thrown on the ground. Anyways, we took off on the bus, and 40 minutes later we found ourselves in Sandema.

Upon arriving we went for a beer, and we hung out waiting for our supervisor Maxwell. He took us out to the CBR complex where we’ll be working, and showed us the house where 3 of the interns will be living. Notice how I said 3 of the interns…one of us would have to be separated from the group and live at Pastor’s house with 2 of the girls from the 3 month SFD project. I offered to leave, so now I live at Pastor’s with Brittany Vina and Katie Ruf, two very nice girls who have made the integration so much easier for me. Yesterday these girls took me out to market, showing me how to buy food and other goods. We picked up a lot of vegetables for a yam and vegetable stew that we’d cook later that night. I never thought I’d be eating vegetables that had had tons of flies all over them, but hey This is Africa after all. They also helped me buy cover for my mattress, and brought me to the store to buy a bike. I got helped by this guy named Gnat, and after we exchanged numbers. He called me to say hi, and from that I found out that most friends call eachother everyday just to be nice. You can also “flash” someone. Which means calling them then hanging up to save minutes, as it shows that you’re thinking of your friend. I wish I would have known this earlier, as I think I disappointed a friend I made in Kumasi named Collinx when I didn’t call him. Anyways, It looks like I’ll be riding my bike at least 5km everyday, so I should be pretty fit by the time I get home! And it’s super beautiful out here too, so it’ll be a really nice summer of bike rides. I’ll be uploading a gallery soon I hope! Today I’ll be learning how to drive a motorcycle from the girls friend that works at CBR. Here’s to hoping I don’t break a leg!