Let’s go. I’m going to briefly outline one of my many meta philosophical reasons for reality/being. I do warn you that this particular idea may make you uncomfortable. This is an original idea of mine, but I have found out that the concept has already been thought of before, so I can’t claim it as my own. Drats. Read it at your own caution as it is a bit extreme, but know that there is a happy ending at the conclusion of the entry. ————————————————————————————————————-

What is life? It is a collection of memories, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It is an everyday occurence that you never escape, well at least until you die. It can last a year, a decade, or a century. Regardless of how long it lasts, life is everything you have. And what do we do with our lives? We wake up after many hours of being unconscious to find water and food to sustain our bodies. We interact with other conscious beings, and we find ways to entertain ourselves until we go back to sleep to start the cycle all over again. Throughout this life we have special moments; the first kiss, the family vacation, the birth of a child, etc. These are stand out moments, the memories that make life worth living. And then you die. Alone. Your life was your journey, your movie, your accomplishment. And now it’s over. So what was the point of it all?

Well, there was no point. Your life was whatever you made it. It was a collection of your choices. So why live? The proposition of this theory is that the only reason to live is to choose to commit suicide. Why? We strive to accomplish something with our lives. We can choose to work hard to get the promotion at work; we can choose to get married and have a family; or we can choose to learn 7 languages and travel across the world.  But why do we choose to accomplish complex and difficult tasks instead of living simpler lives like other animals? We humans are unique because we can anticipate the future and see our impending doom. Knowing that death awaits us, we feel the need to give our lives a higher purpose, because for some reason we as human beings can’t fathom the idea of existence without a purpose. (See “Flight from Death” if you’re interested in the topic). 

Yet those accomplishments won’t stop you from dying, and they won’t mean anything when you die. So what is the utter most accomplishment? The personal accomplishment of suicide by a completely rational being that has no reason to kill themselves. Sounds weird right? Well…. The idea is that if you realize that your whole life is meaningless in the sense that in a million….a billion…..a trillion years from now you will be completely forgotten, then you might as well overcome your bias towards life and embrace death. Your consciousnesses was a collection of memories that shaped who you were, but those memories all disappeared when you died. So the major accomplishment would be to realize your life means nothing in the grand scheme of things, and accomplish the hardest thing possible.

Why is death the hardest thing possible? Because reality/existence is impossible to explain, and there are so many nice things about life that make it awesome. So why would we ever want to give up nice things for the frightening unknown. It makes a lot more sense to cling onto the known until the one day when we have to enter into the void. An easier way to think of this is as a experiment/game. What if you are plugged into a computer, and this reality you are experiencing is a super intense and intricately designed game in which you have to realize that the game means nothing, and the goal is to escape it with the highest score possible. (Realizing the purpose of the game is to escape, and you get a higher score the faster you do it.) The game tries to stop you from escaping by giving you love, accomplishment, complexity; so that you never want to leave. So to beat the game is really hard because you have to realize that those things you loved go away at Game Over, but you don’t want to give them up. (Kind of like an Aperture Science experiment) So there you have it.——————————————————————————————————————- Now some of you may be shocked, and wondering what is wrong with me. Nothing. Years and years of deep contemplation, that’s what. :) I am not suicidal, and not nuts either. Well maybe a little odd in comparison to most people, but not in a bad way, just different. Well here’s the happy news. I also believe in two other major meta philosophical trains of thought. 1. Go with the flow: Realizing that life is meaningless, your goal is to live life to the fullest because there’s no reason not to. You’ve been given this time, so you enjoy it the best you can. 2. Eternal Recurrence: In an infinite space, with an infinite time, this exact reality is set to repeat itself an infinite amount of times. So don’t be afraid to die, because you’ll live this exact life an infinite amount of times, along with an infinite amount of lives similar to it, an infinite amount of times. The nice thing is when you die is that you lose your perception of time, so the 500 trillion years it may take to reconstruct these exact same conditions again will go by like the blink of an eye.

Ever wonder if the tunnel of light you see when you die is the light coming out of your mom’s vagina?

Hopefully that bit of humor lightened things up a bit. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have!