Humanity's history is one of growing connection. Since the beginning of time we have worked to find ways to come together and have established common identities that allow us to bridge the perception of difference and separation. We are domesticating ourselves, filtering out anti-social behaviours. Why? We want security and we want love, and we find that in each other. Once post-scarcity is achieved we will have the resources and technology to discover a life without hate, fear, or conflict; a life that holds the promise of true freedom. Sure, there's a lot of pessimism surrounding the state of the world, and I can understand where it comes from. Terrible things have happened all throughout history. The point is that their frequency is decreasing! Human beings aren't born selfish or violent, quite the opposite in fact. We are drawn to groups because we need each other. All our religious stories point to this basic fact (even if they have been manipulated or misconstrued at times). Despite the setbacks our path is heading towards unity, because that's what we want. Sure groups have fought against each other, but that was out of fear and lack of connection, and most people are waking up to how ridiculous that is now. We are down with equality like never before. We are learning more about each other through the internet, and the younger generation having grown up with mass information will be a lot better informed and definitely more peaceful.

Can you see it? The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Urbanization alone is bringing millions of people together in one space, and teaching them to live together despite their differences. This is why you see a higher prevalence of progressive values in a city setting. Sure it took some getting used to, but now that people have accepted that this is our new environment and lifestyle (modernization), they have decided to make it the best it can be. Human civilization is like a teenager who's slowly becoming less self-involved and learning to think about the world outside of itself. Look at festival culture, it represents the desire for a better world. Sure you could pick holes in it, it's not perfect, but it's all about refocusing our attitudes. If we get enough people focused on positivity and possibility then the world gets way more awesome. People will find the courage to treat each other better, to do great things with their lives. We will discover meaning again! Empowerment is what it's all about. Just have to change your perspective and the world you perceive will change with it. Being optimistic is our only choice, because you have to decide that something is even possible before it can be.  I'm on team human.

To infinity and beyond.