I believe in destiny. This may sound a bit crazy, and even I question my sanity at times, but I truly believe in my heart of hearts that I have a profound purpose in this life. I feel that my life is being guided, like the universe is always looking out for me and bringing me to people, places, and experiences that will move me towards the completion of some greater goal that I have yet to identify. It's a bit frustrating at times, because I really don't know what's in store for me, but I do know that it involves being an instrument of love, which isn't all that bad right?

Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe my battle with depression throughout my childhood and adolescence taught me to think critically and feel empathetically, and everything since then has just been a series of events that has manifested from that initial mold. It's not like it really matters though. All that matters is the belief. One thing that is true is that humans have the power to create, and the mind is the most powerful tool we have to manifest thought into our physical environment. What you believe has an impact on your life and the world around you, and I choose to believe that I can act as a vessel for more love and understanding.

Anyways, I write this tonight because my pal Murray and I just finished watching the documentary, Wake Up. It follows a man on a journey of spiritual discovery, a story which I drew many parallels from. This movie came after an earlier discussion about our life paths, which included ideas about the way we interact with other people, and the impact we want to have on the world. Then, just a few hours later we choose a movie haphazardly that directly correlates with what we had been discussing, and what I had been thinking about internally for the past few weeks since I've been back in Calgary. Needless to say, it was exactly what I needed to see at that moment, and reality delivered. And sure, Netflix has a lot of movies related to spiritual discovery, and the age of reunion; so maybe it is just a coincidence. But my point is that life seems to be this series of coincidences that keep lining up to help bring me discover a higher level of consciousness, and to this realization of my life's purpose. And though I am still filled with doubt, I'm pretty excited to find out what All has in store for me! Perhaps I will be a great communicator, a man who writes inspiring books or produces thought provoking podcasts. Maybe I'll be a spiritual or political leader that helps steer people away from fear and towards love. Or maybe it'll be something I can't even fathom yet! Regardless, I am ready to trust the process, because all signs point to yes.