Lately, I've been having a hard time thinking clearly. I've found it difficult to regularly motivate myself to write job applications, or to complete blog posts; even the simplest of tasks get lost in the mental fog some days. Needless to say, these setbacks have been frustrating. What's causing the problem? My time in Ghana turned my life on its head. I thought I'd have fully re-integrated into Calgary's high speed culture by now, but I'm still working on it. While I've been successful in getting regular exercise, re-establishing friendships, and eating well; I have yet to create a consistent, positive mindset. As someone who is focused on personal development, this level of success is not sufficient to satisfy the high expectations I've set for myself. I have these standards I developed for my life before leaving for Ghana, and my inability to meet them immediately upon my return has certainly taken a toll on my confidence. As an introspective person, a lack of confidence does a lot of harm. It acts as a reminder of my failures, and puts up roadblocks on my road to success. Sometimes, questioning yourself can be exhausting. I've recognized the root of the problem for awhile, but this TED talk has reinforced the conclusions I've arrived at. I need to shift my perspective towards future success by recognizing my accomplishments, rather than criticizing my missteps. I've done pretty well for myself since being back, and I should feel optimistic about the foundation I've built thus far. I know that loving myself is the first step to feeling good about my progress. Easier said than done, but I know from past experience that it gets easier with practice. All I need is a little patience.