This is one of my favourite TED talks. Why? Brene Brown is comfortable with getting uncomfortable. She reminds me of why I write blog posts in the first place. I want to share my experiences and perspectives with the world in an open way because I want others to know that it's okay to be vulnerable. We all have hopes and fears, successes and failures, and I want to make it okay to talk about these important moments and the feelings that accompany them. It's scary to do, but we all deserve to be honest and be ourselves, to not have to pretend to be someone we're not, because we all have value!  And if we can bring down the barriers that separate us from truly understanding one another then won't we feel a lot more connected as well? To me, that's the first step towards solving our world's problems, and our own personal ones as well. And more importantly, connecting feels great! It gives value to my life. So let's connect!