We see it everywhere in the world now. Protests. It has started, the change is coming. I feel as though I finally have hope that we as a species are going to correct this backward ass resource allocation system we’ve been indoctrinated into. I’m finally starting to see that the number of people who see the need for change is larger than I expected, and I am so excited to experience a shift in my perceptions. I feel like I can breathe a little bit lighter knowing that this plight is shared by many rather than by few. Right now in Spain people are rioting in the streets as their next federal election draws near. The current government is headed by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, a left winged party that was voted into power by a population that was desperate for economic change. Yet no change was delivered, and now many citizens feel despaired as they are forced to vote in a system that is mainly bipartisan. In the current paradigm, change can really only be accomplished by one of two major parties; one being the party mentioned above that hasn’t delivered on the promises they made; and the other being a right winged party known as the People’s Party, that many people feel would make the situation even worse; and then there’s the option of not voting at all, which undermines their democratic process entirely. As much as I feel for those who have been affected by the world’s economically derived problems, I am excited to see the demand for change starting to take hold. We live in a world where millions of people starve to death each year, while a select few have resources at their disposal that could mitigate the problem, yet don’t. The free-market monetary system is basically a giant pyramid scheme that fucks the poor, big time. Debt financing creates transfers of wealth from the borrowers to the lenders, and when you add on fractional reserve banking that allows lenders to lend out more money then is actually available it becomes easy to see how the WHOLE WORLD is in debt to ITSELF. What an odd reality, but it’s the truth. And of course, this is just one of many problems that our current system creates and propagates. For a long time I used to feel like I was one of the only people that could identify these issues and the harm that they cause to people and the planet. This naive assumption can most likely be attributed to the fact that most people I surrounded myself with weren’t as interested in systems analysis. Now many people may read this and argue that sustainability measures will fix certain problems, and I will admit that there is a growing focus on sustainability in classrooms and business practices, but in my opinion the scope of this emphasis is far below what is actually necessary to fix the problems. Despite this new found emphasis towards sustainable practices, we still develop, consume and waste far too many of our precious resources, and the system in which we act is still fundamentally flawed at it’s core. And now I finally see that other people believe this as well. I see it in the news, on Reddit, in different movies and books…everywhere! Change is starting to take hold, and I now believe that new ideas will spring forth that will address the major issues before they become major problems. Yet I still don’t see as much radical demands for change in North America…why is that? Today I read about the Gini Coefficient and how it is used to measure the wealth disparity in a country. America finds itself closer to the top with a high coefficient of approximately .58, but yet we do not see any massive protests there. Why? The American Dream perhaps? A higher coefficient allows for more people with extreme wealth, which means that there is a larger chance for the average citizen to join the high class elite! But then again, what were the chances they’d ever get there to begin with? Some of you may wonder why I write about America so much, and that is simply because they are a major player in the world economy. They have so much power and influence over the world’s future, and their populous needs to get on board with the new wave. The reason why I analyze American politics/media/religion so much is because they are forces counteracting this movement. Now Canada is much like Europe in the fact that our Gini value is relatively low, yet we do not see the same rioting and protests here as we do in Spain or other European countries.  Why? Most likely because we’re rich in natural resources and achieve higher employment rates through natural resource exploitation. In Europe and other areas, employment is a huge issue as globalization and the financial integration of markets reduces the amount of jobs available as processes are shipped abroad to low cost, high growth areas such as India and Brazil. So obviously people are outraged and want to change the system that is bending them and their families over the table. Maybe as these problems escalate and spread to richer areas we will see a move towards global cohesion and a complete overhaul of the free-market monetary based system, hopefully to something closer resembling a system like the Venus Project.

Now don’t get me wrong. The free-market monetary system did wonders for us in the past because the competition it created drove innovation, which allowed us to better our practices and products, which in turn has significantly improved our overall quality of life in the developed world. Without it I don’t believe that we’d have developed the technology we have today that allows us to better understand and communicate our paradigms. But something has changed. We’ve reached a tipping point where I no longer believe that innovation will be able to overcome the growth paradigm. We will eventually run out of resources. We will eventually destroy our environments as we continue to cut down trees, douse the earth with fertilizers, contaminate our fresh water, kill off species, etc. It’s a losing battle. We do these things to try to keep pace with the strain of our growth, but at the end of the day the citizens of Easter Island still cut down the last tree. But with technology we can live a different future, we don’t have to destroy ourselves. Our technology enables wide spread access to information, which in turn drives innovation. We have the ability to provide food, shelter, and material goods for 6 billion people if we chose to because we have sophisticated systems that could effectively manage our resources. And you would not have to sacrifice anything in terms of your own quality of life, unless your in the top 1% and have to give up your resource rights. But who gives the rich the right to keep the transition from happening? Imagine living in a world where everything was provided for you, where work was minimal, and you were given more opportunities to travel the world, to explore your creative desires, to basically do whatever you wanted! (Unless that is raping poor people, that wouldn’t fly) So why not move towards a system like The Venus Project, a system built on sustainable practices and a good quality of life for all? All that we need to do is transfer the wealth and resource control away from the rich. How? I’m not sure, but we are innovative, and we will find a way. It’s a MUCH better alternative then destroying ourselves and flinging billions into poverty once the worldwide monetary system collapses under the strain of the infinite growth paradigm. I wonder how much of this will actually make sense to whoever decided to spend the time to read this? This is but a fraction of the detail I could throw in here to justify my statements, but would you read this if it were 10 pages long? 100 pages long? Anyways, I salute all protesters everywhere. I actually believe in us now. Let’s get it done!