How do you get over brain fog?

Lately I've been living with a hazy mind, and it's been causing some problems. I've wanted to get online and work on my new project, or at least write some blog posts, but neither have happened due to a lack of concentration, and subsequent loss of motivation. Building continuous creative momentum has proven a difficult task to accomplish, as these types of mental droughts have plagued my life intermittently since my return from Ghana.

Why have I not been able to integrate as successfully as I had hoped? I've found it difficult to adjust to some common Canadian habits that I had not had to manage for a prolonged period of time. In this noise filled country we live in, we learn to manage complex social relationships, to sift through hundreds of information streams, to organize various time commitments, and thrive off the pressure to be productive. I find it difficult to keep track of life sometimes, to maintain positive cycles, because I am always analyzing everything. This process takes longer, because I am super analytical. As an empath, I tend to internalize everything I see, and this process often leaves me feeling completely drained. I'm constantly feeling and analyzing people's emotions, speech, expectations, etc, and when I don't fit it I am left feeling anxious and self critical. This propagates negative thinking and choices.

Before leaving for Ghana, I had gotten to a place where I could better control my reaction to stimulus, but life in Ghana changed my lifestyle to suit a new environment, and now I have to relearn how to successfully live in Canada again. I expected these type of difficulties, and that expectation almost lead my to turn down the internship in the first place.  I knew that going abroad was going to reintroduce a higher level of chaos into my life; something I was ready to forego as I moved on to the next stage in my life. Usually, I welcome elements of chaos into my life, because they provide a wonderful opportunity to learn, de-construct yourself, and rebuild something better; but I've learned that there are times when it's better to accept the foundation you have, and build on top of that. But hey, this was a really big learning opportunity and I went for it.

So now I'm dealing with this chaos, and trying to move from a negative reinforcement cycle to a positive cycle. Not being able to succesfully manage my life upto my expectations, I get anxious, self-critical, and ultimately end up making poor decisions because I don't have positive momentum going. I then try and reverse the trend by adding more responsibility to my plate, and analyzing even more, which just feeds the problem. Lately though, I've decided to focus on the small things first. Eat well, take time to process by not adding in any more info to the brain, sleep regularly, and exercise. These are things I learned to do really well in Ghana, and the resulting mindset I had there was really positive. I found a much greater sense of understanding when I allowed my mind periods of waking rest. Often, I'd sit in the courtyard at the Conifah guest house, just watching the trees sway in the wind, and enjoying the beautiful sun as it warmed my skin. These type of moments allow your brain to rest, and process the information that is already there. So in regards to relationships, you reflect on them and improve your communication. In regards to life choices, you are more aware of whats going on with your life and able to make better decisions. This is why sleep is really important for a good life! Less confusion, more data processing.

The first step to positive change is mindfulness. See, giving your mind time to rest allows you to process information deeper. Rather than being bogged down by more data to sift through, you allow your brain to work through what it already has. It lets you think deeper about your relationships and your personality. It alllows you to reflect on your actions and future goals. The result, a more positive life filled with optimism and great opportunities. I'm excited for the next few months, I know that as I build momentum again, I'll finally find myself in a great place that I've been visualizing for so long.