Once again the sky returns to that familiar shade of blue,
As I sit on my back porch, I can’t help but think of you.
The sun’s caressing warmth remembers your soft touch,
The object of my desire that I miss so very much.
The returning summer sky delivers a smile back to my face,
Nothing can compare to that once forgotten embrace.
As life springs a new, a world of colour is revived,
Can this problem be reversed of which I have contrived?
The robin returns home from its long winter vacation,
I hear its song call to me with a silky smooth flirtation.

When I turn my head to search for its sweet source,
I look upon the spot to find nothing but remorse.
My frozen inner landscape has sent you flying far away,
I should have done my best to convince you to stay.
I hope this summer sky can melt my icy heart,
Then we can be together, never again shall we part.

-Kevan Coyle