A night to remember…that’s for sure. Definitely one of the best experiences of my whole life, for many reasons.

The first reason why last night was so special to me was the fact that I got to share some really meaningful thoughts and ideas with my brother. We hadn’t done shrooms together before, and we definitely had some awesome moments together. The night was definitely the best though because of how in touch with the world I felt. Let me set the scene for you. Me, Murray, Shane and Nick all decided to go to the country to watch the meteor shower. Mushrooms were eaten, because I knew that it would enhance the experience 10 fold. And it did. We went out there to watch shooting stars, but instead we ended up being awe struck by the sheer beauty of the night sky, regardless of whether we saw a shooting star or not. I’ve always been a fan of astronomy, and I’ve always loved looking up into the cosmos and thinking about the complexity of the universe. Every previous experience I've had paled in comparison to last night.

As I laid on the ground next to my brother, I looked up into the clear night sky filled with thousands of stars (way awesome when you’re out of the city) and was awe struck at the vast expanse of the universe in front of me. Shrooms really did make the night, because it put me in touch with the earth and the universe, and I understood what it really felt like to be just another person sitting on the top of this big ball of dirt we call Earth. At one point I actually felt overwhelmed by the cosmos, like I was standing on a giant window sill in space, with the whole universe spread out in front of me, feeling like I could fall into it at any moment. At this point I actually grabbed my brother because I felt like I could float right off the face of the planet.

I recently read about a test in a scientific article pertaining to mushroom use. A group of people were given mushrooms and asked how they felt about the experience after it was over. 74% said that it was the most spiritually deep moment of their life, and I definitely could relate last night. I just felt so in sync with life and the universe, and it was……I don’t even have the words to describe how moving it was. Of course mixed in between the star watching was lots of conversation regarding society, the future, the past etc, etc…which was fantastic, but the stars definitely took the cake last night. Almost forgot, the music we listened to really helped the experience tooLots of Boards of Canada….at one point me and my brother were listening to the song Chinook..which is kinda spacey, new age, creepy….and at the same time the group was talking about science and progress….perfect mood music. And I loved that me and my brother were both listening to my headphones and sharing the experience. Then there was Spacewalk by Lemon Jelly…which was the second most perfect song to listen to while staring up into space……then there’s the video I’m posting on here.

This song comes from Carl Sagans Cosmos tv show, a show about science from the 1980’s, which I am currently downloading :D. This song was the perfect way to end the star gazing night…I hope you enjoy. Add on: And I almost forgot another awesome moment…as we listened to the song posted above, we all stood looking up at the stars, and it felt like we were all waiting to venture out into space…..it was so cool.