Everyone: Surprise!!!
You: Oh my god! You guys are great! What an awesome moment!

….But these aren’t the kind of surprises I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is not some blown out over the top surprise, but a surprise that is small and unexpected, but just as meaningful.

Please don’t tell me that you’re going to do something for me in exchange for my help, instead, see if I’ll just do it for you, because chances are that I will. Then, if you feel like doing something nice for me afterward, then do it. Surprise me with an act of kindness later on. If you tell me you’ll do something for me ahead of time, then that creates an expectation. Creating an expectation opens up the possibility for regret. The act of kindness can become something you feel like you have to do, rather then something you want to do. This opens up the possibility for negative feelings from the givers end, when they feel they have to meet the expectation. And if an expectation isn’t met, then negativity is created because the person receiving is at least somewhat disappointed that their expectations weren’t met. So instead of creating that expectation, just decide later on if you wanna do something nice for me in return. This creates a cycle of nice deeds, without any expectations. Nice deeds create positivity, and people pass that positivity onto others. 

I think this is why I didn’t ask for any Christmas presents this year. I didn’t want to create expectations in my own mind. I wanted to see what people would choose for me, based off of how well they know me. I gotta thank Kirsty for this one, because she surprised me by getting me A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking for my birthday. I remember walking to my dads…and opening it….and as I peeled back the paper…and I freaked out! I couldn’t even believe that she remembered the one time I had brought up how much I wanted to read this book. I realized how awesome it was when someone shows you that they understand you. This is the best kind of surprise. Murray did the same for me on Christmas….I opened up Diplomacy and I was so excited! Next year I’m gonna do my best to find the best presents for my friends. This year I didn’t spend as much time searching, because I thought it would be nice to show them that I care about them, and I didn’t focus as much on the gifts themselves. But now I know that I want to make them smile from ear to ear next year. I’m gonna do it! See….POSITIVITY SPREADS! So I started off wanting to write about one thing..and ended up on something kind of related. Cool Beans.